The Top 4 Bad Work Habits to Stop Now

glamour_sept2011We all know how difficult it is these days to balance work and life. Being a super-loyal and effective worker bee doesn’t have to mean never going out for lunch or taking sick days. Center founder Jessica Cashman and other experts were recently interviewed in Glamour Magazine to discuss the top 4 bad work habits to stop now before you burnout or get yourself sick.

The article outlines these top 4 worst work habits that you should consider getting rid of:

  • showing up sick
  • sitting still all day
  • eating at your desk
  • being too plugged in

On being too plugged in, Jessica Cashman offers tips to breaking bad work habits by setting and enforcing boundaries, especially when it comes to after-hours work related emails and calls. And in the video below, she provides additional helpful advice on how to separate our work life from our home life.