Is there ever a right time to say yes?

When do you know when is it right time to get married? Is there a timeline or schedule to follow? What are some factors you should consider before saying yes? In this Engagement 101 article Jessica LeRoy was asked all these questions and more. Download it now.

Why does she stay with him?

Ever wonder why women stay with their partner even after they have committed serious crimes such as in the Penn State child abuse case? Jessica Cashman was interviewed on this topic in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. So what are the psychological reasons a woman would stand by her man, read on to find out.

Love is in the Air this February on CPoW

Few topics have been written on more extensively than love. Cupid’s library is surely full of Shakespeare’s plays, Greek mythology, romantic comedy scripts, poetry, songs, and self-help manuals. Add the topic of marriage into the mix and thousands more titles need to be added to Cupid’s crammed, and sagging shelves. Love is expounded upon so extensively because of its mysterious …