How do I make new friends as an adult?

As we get older we may drift away from old friends or lose our common interests with them, but then the question becomes, “How do I make new friends as an adult?” iVillage teamed up with Jessica Cashman to answer just this question in their article, “20 Ways to Make New Friends.” Check out the article and make some friends!

Competitive Streaks

Us women sometimes get a bad rap for being competitive and dare I say catty with each other. What is behind this judgement of ourselves and others? Women’s Fitness Magazine asked the Center’s very own Jessica LeRoy and Dr. Paola Bailey to help explain this competitive drive in women. Check out the article here.

Why you need and should make time for friends

Feeling curmudgeonly and overwhelmed by life? Nobody can snap you out of a funk like a good girlfriend. Here’s why making time for close friends can make you happier, healthier and a better person. iVillage asked our very own Jessica Cashman about the importance of friendship in “Longer Lives, Better Jobs and 13 Other Reasons You Need Friends”.

When to break up with your friend?

I remember the Girl Scout Brownie song, “Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold.” But how do you know when a friendship has run its course and may be doing more harm than good? iVillage addressed this question in their article, “20 People You Need Out of Your Life.” They asked our very …