Professional and Life Purpose 

– Work and career issues
– Creativity and creative blocks
– Entertainment industry mediation
– Stress management
– Self-confidence
– High profile

In the 50′s people began to move away from home, foregoing the family business for life in the big city. Since this shift, striking out on one’s own has proved to be a daunting task. Over the last few decades, a new emphasis has been put on finding meaning in work, causing a lot of stress and yearning for more.

We work with you to investigate where you find the most meaning in your life. Do you find it in your personal relationships? In a job well done? We will look at how you can combine your passions with your career aspirations. We will also consider whether your best satisfaction would be found keeping your career and your personal interests separate. Sometimes a job can just be a job; it does not always need to define who you are as a person. Instead you can find definition in your interests, projects, and friendships outside of your professional world. We look forward to discussing these issues and finding the right answer for you.

If you are happy with your career path, but are having difficulty thriving, we can help with goal setting and exercises to get you back on track. We have experience working with clients to guide their creative process and capitalize on their natural abilities.

We also work with people who have high-profile jobs that keep them in the public eyes. A rare few find fame and must learn to navigate it without much guidance. We have experience working to help normalize some of the things you may be experiencing.

We also understand the “biz”– the stress and pressure involved in entertaining America. Bold personalities can sometimes create particular tensions not seen in other industries. We can also arrange on-set mediation, addiction counseling, and contestant assessment.

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