Rates and Payment Options

We currently do not accept health insurance directly, but we will certainly supply you with receipts for service. Depending on the details of your healthcare plan, you may be able to submit them to your insurance company for partial reimbursement (see next paragraph for more information). The Center fee per session is $120.00. For in-office appointments, payment is accepted via cash, check, or credit/debit cards. For phone or Skype sessions, payment is accepted by credit card. (You can give us that information via phone prior to your first appointment.)

Out-of-network providers & reimbursement from your health insurance company

Although we do not work directly with insurance companies, you may certainly make that choice for yourself! If you have a PPO health insurance plan that covers “Out-of-Network Providers”, you may be able to be reimbursed between 30-80% of your costs at the Center. Please consult with your individual health insurance company first to make sure, and we will provide you with receipts for service. In addition, your therapy sessions may be tax deductible as a medical expense. Please contact your tax adviser to see if you qualify so we can prepare a receipt for services rendered.

Why the Center does not accept health insurance as direct payment

Because it erodes your right to privacy. If we were to accept insurance, we would be required to give you a “mental disorder diagnosis” that would be reported to your health insurance company. Some of these diagnoses can cause it to be difficult for you to obtain health insurance in the future. We would then have to write a report to the insurance company saying you are still sick and getting a bit better, but not too much better because then they might claim that therapy is no longer necessary. It can be as if someone from the health insurance company is in the room with us deciding if we should continue to work together. When we send in that report with the mental disorder diagnosis, there can be up to 14 people reading, touching, or hearing about the report before anyone is reimbursed. As a general policy, we would rather keep our work together private; we leave the decision to work with your insurance up to you.

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