Everyone feels unique pressures.

We have worked with many clients going through intense emotional pain and are experts in supporting and guiding them towards a better place. We have experience providing psychotherapy for the following:

Depression, Anxiety and Phobias: “I just don’t feel like myself”

Depression and anxiety can have a major impact on a person’s sense of self and ability to enjoy life. If you are dealing with either of these conditions you may feel sad, stressed, less interested in people or hobbies, tired, on edge, and moody. At the Center, we believe that depression and anxiety can be overcome through therapy. More >

Eating Disorders, Addiction and Self-Harm: “I’m having trouble stopping”
Feeling out of control can be very scary, especially when you know that your actions are putting your health at risk. Addiction, be it to alcohol, drugs, food, or cutting, can make a person feel trapped in a very small and rigid world. Failing to stop a behavior despite repeated attempts can lend to a feeling of hopelessness. We are trained to help you find the path to recovery. More >

Parenting and Pregnancy Issues: “Nobody told me parenting would be like this”
Deciding whether or not to start a family, and how to do it can be an overwhelming proposition. It can be hard to know what you really want, what information to trust, and how to deal with unexpected hurdles and feelings that emerge during the process. We are hear to listen to you and to help you plan for your future. More >

Trauma, Grief and Medical Concerns: “Why did this happen and why can’t I get past it?”
When unexpected tragedy strikes, or when confronted with trauma, a person can experience a number of different psychological reactions. Sometimes it feels like you will never feel “normal” again. We believe that with time and therapy, it is possible to reach a new understanding of what happened and how to move forward in your life. More >

Sexuality, Love and Relationships: “I love my partner but…”
Relationships bring us some of our greatest joys and some of our most heart-wrenching struggles. It can be challenging to identify our individual identity and have those needs met in personal relationships. Whether you are working on keeping a relationship strong, mending a broken relationship, or moving past a relationship you wish to end, we are here to support you. More >

Professional and Life Purpose Issues: “Is this what I’m supposed to be doing with my life?”
Finding meaning and purpose in professional life is a priority for both men and women. Sometimes it is hard to identify exactly what would bring us the most fulfillment. Launching a career, changing careers, or staying motivated within your chosen career all take energy and involve some risk. We will help you make these transitions and guide you to identify the career that will make you happy. More >

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