Love is in the Air this February on CPoW

317804279_11b47b8fd1_mFew topics have been written on more extensively than love. Cupid’s library is surely full of Shakespeare’s plays, Greek mythology, romantic comedy scripts, poetry, songs, and self-help manuals. Add the topic of marriage into the mix and thousands more titles need to be added to Cupid’s crammed, and sagging shelves.

Love is expounded upon so extensively because of its mysterious and tenuous nature. It impacts all of us, and yet we can’t pin point what causes it or what makes it fade. We cannot capture it in a test tube, study it under a microscope, or bottle it up and sell it. So we continue to explore it, trying to uncover it’s mercurial tenants. In essence, love is the basis of our humanity, and unlocking its secrets means discovering the meaning of life itself. Thus, the wide range of books on the subject.

We will be leaving the untangling of love’s unknowable intricacies to the poets and artists this month. Instead, we will be focusing on practical ways to show and receive love through open communication, taking action, and staying true to yourself, with the hope that creating open dialogues about love (not just pondering it) will help a few people feel the joy it brings and understand the heartache it at times demands.