Cleaning and Reprioritizing this April

spring2I have to be honest, summer is my favorite time of year. If it could be sunny and 80 degrees year round, I would be thrilled. The second best time of year is Spring (because summer is just around the corner.) There is something so hopeful, joyous, and inspiring about Spring, a prize for making it through the winter. In the new year, when we make our resolutions. Spring is the perfect time to dust off the the cobwebs of winter and revisit our goals.

It might be the fact that it stays lighter later, or the change in the quality of light, but it feels like Spring illuminates the areas we forget or ignore all winter long. Spring is the time to clean out everything that has been weighing us down. It is the time to prepare for the long, warm, lazy days of summer. How are you going to enjoy your naps in a hammock if you haven’t cleared out your space, physically and mentally?

I always enjoy the act of spring cleaning and purging the old to make room for the new. The  physical act can be so gratifying, but I find the internal cleansing to be just as rewarding.  It’s nice to take a moment and reflect over what you would like to change in yourself, remove, or alter, and make that part of your Spring cleaning.  For myself I want to clear out the cobwebs and start on a new project here at the Center. What will Spring bring for you?