You’ve always done things your own way.

Why should your therapy be any different?

Therapy on your own time and your own terms,
whether you live in Washington, California or Oregon.

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Only the Center for the Psychology of Women offers:

Extensive experience in the issues that matter most to you.
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Your choice of phone, in-office, or Skype sessions, depending on your location.
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The ability to make and manage your appointments online through our website.
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Non-judgmental and custom-tailored therapy, focused on improving your quality of life as you define it.
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We have years of experience guiding clients through:

Depression, Anxiety and Phobias
“I just don’t feel like myself”
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Sexuality, Love and Relationships
“I love my partner, but…”
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Professional and Life Purpose
“Is this what I’m supposed to be doing with my life?”
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New Experiences and Transitions
“Change is good…right?”
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Trauma, Grief and Medical Concerns
“Why did this happen, and why can’t I get past it?”
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Parenting and Pregnancy Issues
“Nobody told me parenting would be like this.”
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Eating Disorders, Addiction and Self-Harm
“I’m having trouble stopping.”
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